Submitted papers must follow the ECCV paper format and guidelines (see ECCV2016 Author Guidelines ). The accepted Papers and Extended Abstract must be presented by one of the authors. The submission will be managed with the EPIC@ECCV CMT web site .

Please refer to the following files for detailed formatting instructions:

Full Papers (8-14 pages)

The length of the papers is max 14 pages, including figures and tables; one additional page containing only references is allowed. The review will be a double-blind. Please make sure all authors or references to authors are anonymized.The accepted papers will be published in proceedings edited by Springer.

Extended Abstracts (2-4 pages)

We invite submissions of extended abstracts of ongoing or already published work as well as demos or prototype systems (2 pages in ECCV format). Authors are given the opportunity to present their work to right audience. The review will be a single-blind. The extended abstracts will not be published in proceedings edited by Springer.