Tenth International Workshop on Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing
held in conjunction with the 1st Ego4D Workshop
Monday 20th June 2022


Full Day Workshop - Date 20th June 2022

All dates are local to New Orleans' time, CDT.

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Start End Title Links
08:30 08:40 Opening Remarks
08:40 10:00 EPIC Kitchens Challenges *
10:00 10:30 Morning Coffee Break
10:30 11:15 Invited Keynote - Vittorio Ferrari
11:15 12:30 Accepted Papers and Extended Abstracts
Accepted Papers
Self Supervised Scanpath Prediction Framework for Painting Images
Marouane Tliba, Mohamed A Kerkouri, Aladine Chetouani, Alessandro Bruno
Where did I leave my keys? – Episodic-Memory-Based Question Answering on Egocentric Videos
Leonard Bärmann, Alexander Waibel
Egocentric Indoor Localization from Coplanar Two-Line Room Layouts
Xiaowei Chen, Guoliang Fan
Weakly-Supervised Action Detection Guided by Audio Narration
Keren Ye, Adriana Kovashka
Extended Abstracts
Audio-Adaptive Activity Recognition Across Video Domains
Yunhua Zhang; Hazel Doughty; Ling Shao; Cees Snoek
Object Instance Identification in Dynamic Environments
Takuma Yagi; Md Tasnimul Hasan; Yoichi Sato
An Evaluation of OCR on Egocentric Data
Stefan Valentin Popescu; Dima Damen; Toby Perrett
Building Spatio-temporal Transformers for Egocentric 3D Pose Estimation
Jinman Park; Kimathi Kaai; Saad Hossain; Norikatsu Sumi; Sirisha Rambhatla; Paul Fieguth
12:30 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 14:00 Reveal NEW DATASET AND BENCHMARKS EPIC-KITCHENS Video Object Segmentations and Relations
14:00 14:45 Invited Keynote - Gedas Bertasius
14:45 15:15 Afternoon Coffee Break
15:15 16:40 Extended Abstracts and Invited Talks from Main Conference
Extended Abstracts
On the Effectiveness of Event Data for Egocentric Action Recognition
Chiara Plizzari; Mirco Planamente; Gabriele Goletto; Marco Cannici; Emanuele Gusso; Matteo Matteucci; Barbara Caputo
Socratic Models: Composing Zero-Shot Multimodal Reasoning with Language
Andy Zeng; Maria Attarian; Brian Ichter; Krzysztof Choromanski; Adrian Wong; Stefan Welker; Federico Tombari; Aveek Purohit; Michael S Ryoo; Vikas Sindhwani; Johnny Lee; Vincent Vanhoucke; Pete Florence
Precise Affordance Annotation for Egocentric Action Video Datasets
Zecheng Yu; Yifei Huang; Ryosuke Furuta; Takuma Yagi; Yusuke Goutsu; Yoichi Sato
Human Hands as Probes for Interactive Object Understanding
Mohit Goyal; Sahil Modi; Rishabh Goyal; Saurabh Gupta
Invited Talks from Main Conference
Look for the Change: Learning Object States and State-Modifying Actions From Untrimmed Web Videos
Tomáš Souček; Jean-Baptiste Alayrac; Antoine Miech; Ivan Laptev; Josef Sivic
Joint Hand Motion and Interaction Hotspots Prediction from Egocentric Videos
Shaowei Liu; Subarna Tripathi; Somdeb Majumdar; Xiaolong Wang
Egocentric Scene Understanding via Multimodal Spatial Rectifier
Tien Do; Khiem Vuong; Hyun Soo Park
Egocentric Prediction of Action Target in 3D
Yiming Li; Ziang Cao; Andrew S Liang; Benjamin S Liang; Luoyao Chen; Hang Zhao; Chen Feng
Keypoint Transformer: Solving Joint Identification in Challenging Hands and Object Interactions for Accurate 3D Pose Estimation
Shreyas Hampali; Sayan Deb Sarkar; Mahdi Rad; Vincent Lepetit
What’s in Your Hands? 3D Reconstruction of Generic Objects in Hands
Yufei Ye; Abhinav Gupta; Shubham Tulsiani
Revisiting the “Video” in Video-Language Understanding
Shyamal Buch; Cristóbal Eyzaguirre; Adrien Gaidon; Jiajun Wu; Li Fei-Fei; Juan Carlos Niebles
Assembly101: A Large-Scale Multi-View Video Dataset for Understanding Procedural Activities
Fadime Sener, Dibyadip Chatterjee, Daniel Shelepov, Kun He, Dipika Singhania, Robert Wang, Angela Yao
Estimating Egocentric 3D Human Pose in the Wild with External Weak Supervision
Jian Wang, Lingjie Liu, Weipeng Xu, Kripasindhu Sarkar, Diogo Luvizon, Christian Theobalt
UnweaveNet: Unweaving Activity Stories
Will Price; Carl Vondrick; Dima Damen
16:40 17:00 Closing Remarks

*The first place team for Action Anticipation could not attend the workshop. Their talk about their method can be seen here.